Friday mystery object #173

This Friday I have this piece of bone I had to identify a couple of weeks ago, that I would be keen to have your thoughts on:

I know what it is and I think I know what it’s from, but any fresh ideas would be much appreciated!

15 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #173

  1. It looks very much like something we have here at the NHM as an aid to teach kids scientific thinking. It’s inside the head of something big. Really big. I *hear* someone’s beaten me to the answer already though….

  2. Yes I think it’s a t******* bone but when I compare it in size to my only C******* specimen its only X2 of a juvenile P…….p……. and the shape is not a good match. That’s as far as I have got at the moment.

  3. All guesses so far are in line with my own thoughts and so unfortunately I don’t think I have any fresh views to bring to the debate!

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