Friday mystery object #148

This week I’ve got a mystery object inspired by an enquiry that came around the Natural Science Collections Jiscmail list yesterday. Any idea what this object might be?

As usual I will do my best to respond to your suggestions, comments and questions throughout the day. Good luck!

14 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #148

      • There’s not a big sticky up top part so it’s not shoulders, and it doesn’t have stick out parts so I don’t think it’s lower back so I think neck. The two circles in the top picture are like the atlas here:
        On Wikipedia it says “whales are the hippopotamus’s closest living relatives” – that is mad.
        A blue whale lumbar vertebrae is four feet across including sticky out bits. This one is about 25cm so not blue whale. Humpback whale ?

  1. I think Jake beat us all to the punch*, nice one!

    *although I must admit I wouldn’t have guessed what this v**t***a belonged to!

  2. Fused c v’s! My juvenile P.p’s. are only 9cms across so multiplying up for size would make this beastie 3 metres+ so maybe a G.g or a M.m.

  3. Having looked at pictures of the bone I think this is from different species of the type of animal I think this is, it seems like the shape of the foramen is significant.

    I’m sure I’m wrong, but I’m going to guess the a***s of a B. m********s.

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