Friday mystery object #143

This week I have another mystery skull for you to identify from a box of miscellaneous bones:

Any idea what animal this came from?

As usual you can put your observations, questions and suggestions below and I’ll do my best to respond. Happy identifying!

34 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #143

  1. It’s a dog or wolf skull. It is a bit small for a wolf skull and by the look of it all the teeth where mature, so probably dog.

  2. There are some bloody weird things going on at the front of the molars, but at least 4 premolars says canid. Had a look at fox molars online, and I could lean that way.

  3. Carnivoran, certainly, as others have said. My first thought, from the shape, was a canid of some kind… but I don’t think the auditory bullae look right. (Of course, I may be wrong about that – can’t find any decent images of what they should look like). Mind you, it also looks like it has three molars which dogs don’t, that I recall. Viverrids sometimes do, though, and they have feliform bullae. It seems a little large for a viverrid, but there are some ‘large’ and even ‘giant’ ones, so I wouldn’t rule that out.

    Not a very specific guess, all in all…

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