16 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #139

  1. Juvenile because of pm2 but has all molars. Is the skull sitting right on the jaws ? The teeth don’t match up.

    I thought maybe M.R. but he doesn’t have the bump before the eye so H.I. ?

    • I think you’re right about it being young, and it doesn’t sit very well on the jaws as they have flexed somewhat over the last 97 years – probably when this was on display in a sunny gallery. It’s neither M.r. nor H.i. – but you are definitely on the right track!

  2. That is a huge eye orbit! The teeth don’t look worn at all. I can’t tell if the sutures are fused or not. Because there are no front upper incisors, I have a few guesses for ruminants: C. hir_us or a young E. cab_ _ _ us.

  3. . 5 cm is really quite a
    . height for the skull of
    . a mouse: I’m sure you
    . all agree, esp for
    . a young ‘un,
    . when its
    . growth
    . wasn’t
    . ever
    . to
    . be

    • I hate you WordPress! I spent a whole train ride formatting that so it was a tale of the mouse – with apologies to Lewis Carroll

  4. Without having read any of the other responses yet, I’m torn between whether this belongs to a mouse or a deer. Hmm… there’s probably a clue in there somewhere…

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