Friday mystery object #123

This week I’m giving you a genuine mystery object – it was found in the collections without any kind of label or identification:

I’m pretty sure I know what it’s from, but I’d really appreciate your thoughts, in case I’m missing something. Cheers!

23 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #123

  1. I’ll have a go at the mystery object, just wanted to quickly congratulate Jake on his forthcoming TV appearance, and the praise from Chris Packham! I joined in singing your praises via Twitter this morning. Well done.

  2. Congratulations, Jake! That’s very cool news.

    As to the bone, I can only concur with everyone else: left femur, mammalian. Something fairly tall and hefty, but not human (unless it’s a very short human). Deer? Bit of a stab in the dark, I’m afraid. One femur looks much like another to me!

  3. It looks a bit like Homo erectus but you said its not human and I don’t suppose you’d have one of those in a box unlabelled so I reckon it’s an old man of the woods “right turn Clyde!”.

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