Noisy neighbours

I just thought I’d mention my new noisy neighbours at work – a couple of Ring-necked parakeets have set up a nest in an old Greater-spotted woodpecker hole next to my office:

Parakeet nest hole

The squawking is loud and frequent, but it’s novel having these colourful birds just a few metres away!


One of the new neighbours

4 thoughts on “Noisy neighbours

  1. As I said via Twitter, I suspect the novelty value will soon wear off, and you’ll be hanging out the window, screaming for them to shut up!

    • The novelty will no doubt wear off, but I think the squawking will still be more bearable than the noise made by the ‘shriekers’ in the gallery, which is the echo chamber onto which my office is attached…

  2. You can legally shoot them if they get too much, last year they were placed on the wildlife and countryside act list of birds which may be legally killed by an authorised person. (seagulls were given protected status in the same bill!).

  3. Thanks for the advice, great post, I’ll look forward to reading more from you in the future. I have been suffering from a rediculous amount of noise from my neighbours which has only just been resolved recently through using some environmental noise consultants to gather data to take them to court.

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