Friday mystery object #66

This Friday I have a lot on, so I’m giving you an easy one that the biology and bony types should be able to drop hints about for the less osteocentric amongst you:

I’m sure you’ll all get this in no time, but in case you don’t I’ll do my best to respond to any questions, observations or suggestions in the comments section below. Have fun!

27 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #66

  1. I don’t know what it is, but its about of a cat skull, and it has a big braincase, and the earbones look big, so maybe it is good at hearing.

    It’s difficult to see the joins in the bone. Badger skulls are a bit like this.

  2. The proportion of the big braincase to the rest of the skull, the visible sutures, the not yet fully erupted teeth, and small size suggest it is likely a juvenile?

    The large caniniform teeth of the premaxilla and maxilla are quite unique. I think you can use this characteristic to narrow it down further.

    If I am not mistaken, it looks like there is a diastema after the maxillary “caniniform” tooth and the premolar/molar erupting at the back of the tooth row…

    • Good observations about the braincase, sutures and teeth.

      I think you’ve correctly worked out what it is – thanks for giving the clues for others to work it out for themselves!

    • I have a raccoon skull that’s bigger than this actually… On reflection, this does bear some similarities with an immature raccoon skull I’ve seen, but it isn’t a close relative of the raccoons at all.

  3. Hiya
    A confusing one. It looks like the lacrimal duct is external to the orbit, suggesting a marsupial, and the caniniform teeth would suggest Dasyuromorph, but the diastema and massive brain case are throwing in spanners to my conclusion that it’s a very exciting specimen indeed, but those could potentialluy be explained away by it being a juvenile?.
    Also I’ve just had a sneaky look on a certain international specimen database of those specimens that is currently under revision, and I don’t see any specimens from the Horniman. listed

  4. I think it’s some kind of shrew from another country because of the teeth, but I’ve gone through the Skulls Unlimited website and none are the same size.

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