Friday mystery object #39 answer

On Friday I deviated from my usual natural history theme when I gave you this object:

There were a host of suggestions, from a tea caddy to part of the Large Hadron Collider, however, one person managed to identify that this is actually a pin cushion – here it is folded out in all its glory:

So well done to KateV (who is also known as mum by me)!

This particular pincushion is European and made of cardboard and fabric – I would tell you more, but out database doesn’t seem to be responding this morning, so any additional information will have to follow once that’s up and running, since I am a total ignoramus about such cultural items. Hopefully more to follow…

2 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #39 answer

  1. That is beautiful! Not what I imagined at all actually – I thought it would have a set of little tiny drawers inside. I am certain I have seen those illustrations on it before. Perhaps there was a range of such items.

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