Friday mystery object #39

Back from Norway after a wonderful holiday (some details may follow), ready to give you a slightly different kind of mystery object:

Do you have any idea what this object from the collections of the Horniman Museum might be?

As usual put your suggestions below and hopefully I should be able to give some feedback this week. The answer will follow on Monday. Good luck!

24 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #39

    • Certainly too small for a stool, but a bit big for a snuff box I’d have thought – the snuff would go stale unless the owner was a very heavy user!

  1. OK, so the top hinges up and the sides open. The illustrations are of children perhaps illustrating a nursery rhyme, if so probably Georgie Porgie. On closer inspection it seems the whole thing is made of cardboard with the illustrations pasted on. That all suggests some kind of child’s toy. As to what, no, still haven’t a clue!

    • This has been niggling all weekend – I remember playing with something like this when I was a child. Not exactly playing with, but looking at, at my grandmother’s. These illustrations look very familiar but from something a bit different.

      BTW, I only just read your text.

  2. It’s not a slightly odd and impractical hat is it? It was just that the base reminds me slightly of the brim of a hat.

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