Friday mystery object #21 answer

On Friday I showed you this beauty:

I posed three questions about this huge snail to tax your minds: what is it, what does it eat and do you think it can fit into its shell? As usual, SmallCasserole and Jim were the first ones there – although not without some clues. This is a Lewis’ moon snail or Euspira lewisii (Gould, 1847) from Saltspring Island in British Columbia, it eats clams and other shellfish by boring them to death – literally, with a sharp drill-like radula that makes a hole in the unfortunate prey’s shell through which digestive enzymes are injected and the contents sucked out. Despite the huge size of the mantle (that’s the squidgy bit to most people) they are able to get inside their shells and if you want proof I have it here:

(Many thanks to Julia, the snail’s co-star in this video)

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