Friday mystery object #16

I’ll keep it simple today and leave you free to ask questions about this week’s mystery object. Quite simply, can you work out what this is:


Comments and questions below – I will provide answers as I am able.

Good luck!

21 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #16

  1. I think it’s the sternum of a pretty small animal and what we can see on the right are the clavicles and spatulae.

    Probably not a bat, but it’s something odd because I’d expect the clavicle/spatula to stick out at 90degrees to the sternum.

    • Heh! I knew there would be a suggestion of a pelvis (see Gimpy) and a sternum, but it is neither of these. I just took the photo from an angle to make it look like those features – is that being mean?

  2. Yes, that is being mean 😉

    I think this leaves us with vertebrae towards the neck, because I still think the sticky out puts are clavicles

    I’m wondering about tortoise or turtle, but they seem small for that.

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