Friday mystery object #12

I am still without internet at home, so apologies for slow responses to comments and the lower quality of my recent posts.

This Friday’s mystery object is pretty straight-forward, a simple case of ‘what is it?’


If you think you know what this is just leave a comment below – I will attempt to respond to any questions when (and if) I am able, but I can’t make any guarantees I’m afraid.

Good luck!

6 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #12

  1. The sectioning makes me think it is insectile but I’m intrigued by the thingummy on the end, it doesn’t look right to me for the back end of any insect. I’m fairly sure it’s keratinous but I have a small suspicion that it might be fossilized, it looks pretty shiny. I suspect people in the know would count the segments and draw something from that.

    I’m going for the shed ‘skin’ of the back end of some insect larvae.

  2. The friday mystery object is 100 percent a rattlesnakes rattle! So watch out! Now you’ve got a venomous snake with no way of warning you! Be careful! Also, there could be many of them, they den in large numbers sometimes!

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