Friday mystery object #2

Delving deeper into the world of natural history this week, with the second of my Friday Mystery Objects!

This should be much easier than last week’s object since you only need to work out what it is and I have provided two views (scale is in cm BTW). If it proves too simple I will up the difficulty next week!

mystery object #2a

mystery object #2b

As before, put you thoughts in the comments section below. Answer will follow on Monday in a seperate post and I may drop in some extra clues if they’re needed.

19 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #2

  1. Come on guys, this is an easy one!

    Nick has come closest but it’s nothing to do with Mike Tyson.

    At this rate the difficult one I have lined up for next week will have to be shelved in favour of something really easy!

    If you ask some deductive questions I will try to answer them – but I won’t say what it is until Monday.

    • Close enough to count! It is indeed part of an ear structure, although not the cochlea itself. The next thing to identify is the type of beastie it belongs to – no need to worry about species level, just the Order will do!

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