Friday mystery object #1

I’ve decided to share my world with others – at work I get to see some amazing stuff and often I have to work out what it is, because the label has gone missing. So here is the first of my Friday Mystery Objects!


So, what is it and why does it look like that?

Put you thoughts in the comments section below. Answer will follow on Monday in a seperate post.

Good luck!

12 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #1

  1. Argh! I’ve been struggling with this one all day, just can’t figure out the last detail. I’ll have to email it to my Grandad I reckon!

    Even my manager at work couldn’t figure it out (I work for an auction house and we come across rare pieces like this all the time).

    So far I’ve worked out that it’s part of an elephant tusk but I’m stumped about the bite marks. I can’t think of any animals besides dogs (wolves maybe?) that would chew bones, or at least have a go at tusks.

    What’s the circumference of it? Or would that make it too easy…!

    Carmen x

  2. I thought fossil to start with too! I have a feeling I’ve seen it before – maybe there was something like it at Leeds Uni, or has it been on display at the Horniman…

    The pattern isn’t decorative is it? Or parasites preferentially eating away softer parts of the tusk?
    Hopefully you’ll put us out of our misery sometime today.


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  4. Just noticed one of my dwarf hamsters (Phodopus sungorus), Mayo, had gnawed on some plastic in his den and the markings were similar to these. Bit too late to help me here.

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