Friday mystery object #406

Happy Friday everybody! This week I have a genuine mystery object to solve from the Dead Zoo:

This specimen has no location information and only a generic name associated with it – the only other information is that it was collected by Major St. Leger Moore. That might help. Or it might not. Let’s see what you manage to come up with!

7 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #406

    • Both sexes of some antelope have horns, but in some species it’s just the males.
      Both male and female gazelles are horny…not that I’m saying it’s a gazelle – although there’d still be 20 species of gazelle to choose from (if you include the 3 in the (Asian) Procapra genus, which are only called ‘gazelles’).

    • Apparently, Peter Bennettii was the chink in the armour of England’s 1970 World Cup defence. (I’m sticking to my first guess based on a certain “Major Dick” being based in India – click my name for the answer, if that works.)

      • (The name/website link doesn’t work – it just goes to my page, where I still have the bizarre placeholder posts and I am called ‘Lillie’ 😳😅)

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