Friday mystery object #397

It’s been a while since I gave you a bony mystery object to have a go at, so here’s a nice skeleton to have a go at identifying:

It’s proabably a bit on the easy side as there are some very clear tell-tale signs as to what it is, so keep those answers cryptic to keep things fun!

10 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #397

  1. I’ll make a guess: In 1966 a book was published with this in its title, featuring the journey of 19th-century frontiersman and his gay erotic adventures in the American wilderness…

  2. The wings are too big for Hesperornis. And I don’t know my extant water birds — loons, divers, cormorants, and so on — well enough to guess further.

  3. I was thinking of a very different children’s book to Jennifer’s. I’d suggest more but my answer is being held to ransom

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