12 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #394

  1. I love it! Looks like a New Mexico sheriff’s star badge fashioned from a beaded lizard skin (gila monster will do if you can’t get hold of a beaded lizard there).
    Sheriff’s star starfish will actually be the first words into the Google search bar as I once more go down the rabbit hole.
    …I’m also thinking about how to make one of these as a biscuit 🍪.

  2. Of the 36 misheard tarsiers, all “worthy of praise”*, the southern*er was my favourite.
    …Well, it’s probably in the Goniasteridae family at least – a family of 98 similar genera! Possibly even more than those similar-looking crabs from last time. 😅

    *Latin meanings – I think – I need a Latin/Greek taxonomy meanings website so I don’t have to use a girls’ baby names website! ☺️

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