19 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #361

  1. NOT a cauliflower, eh?

    Really a mostly accurate replica, I’d assert, but overall too rosy yet twin in shape.

    I think that might do for a clue, but maybe I’m way off base.

    • My tuppenorth, for now.

      The lower third looks very like bone, whereas the “cauliflower” bit looks like a sessile, probably non-bilaterian. I am taking for granted that we are looking at an animal, as it is from the zoo.

      If this is the case, my first guess (above), seems less outrageous than I thought.

      The other option include some form of coral, a bizarre hydra, or (really reaching here) a sponge.

      I shall, of course, as usual, wait to be told that not only are my assumptions misguided, but my guesses are risible. I know you guys need a good laugh.

  2. Since the opening at the bottom is important, thanks, Paolo, I’m assuming animal with a liquid-carrying vessel, that bit looks a lot like a preserved blood vessel or large siphon.

    • Oops, a late remark by Paolo says the opening at the bottom is NOT important, or particularly important. So scratch my following comment.

  3. Soft tissues are preserved in 70% alcohol? Can we assume this is soft or soft-ish? What size is this thing?

  4. The only thing that looks familiar to me is the unimportant part- which I would guess is a barnacle base. The cauliflower part is so amazing! I would go with some kind of coral.

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