5 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #302

  1. It’s obviously an Easterggarus splendiferas, laid by the elusive LapindePaques (not to be confused with Lapinaumoutarde). Underneath the fine, “azukar” shell, there is a either a dark or light chocolate filling…;-) On a more serious note, I will now trot off to look at eggs. On a less serious note, the first thoughts that sprang to mind when I saw the mysterious Easter egg were the sounds of laughter and the crashing of waves!

  2. Have a great Easter weekend Paolo and everyone else here. And also, for today, Happy Vishu (the Malayali New Year).

    I know bugger all about eggs so can make only a few observations for now:

    Not a hen’s egg.
    Still, probably laid by a bird approaching hen size.
    Not an egg designed to be laid on rocky cliff ledges.

    More later.

    • Been looking things up but there seem to be too many possibilities and too few clues. I mean at least if it had auditory bullae…

  3. I’m agreeing with associating them with the crashing of waves. My first thought was Larus argentatus though it is relatively large so I’m leaning towards L Marinus. Could be well out though! Happy Easter 🙂

  4. Only one more day for the egg hunt! In between overdosing on chocolate eggs I looked for an egg identifier, hoping to find a lovely page with sizes and colors and names of birds, but didn’t. I did, however, find a beautiful purple bird from New Zealand with a soggy, marshy-sounding name that lays eggs similar to the one in the photo. So crashing waves and laughter, or still, muddy waters and purple plumage…I am not very good at identifying eggs. I could tell if it were hard boiled though – without cracking it. And I have recipes for it…

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