Friday mystery object #294

This week I have been delving into a drawer of unidentified bird bones in the stores of Dublin’s Dead Zoo to find a skull to use for this week’s mystery object:


It doesn’t seem very festive, but until we work out what it is, how can we tell? It’s something I will muse over with a belly full of seasonal treats.

Any thoughts, suggestions, comments or suggestions are welcome. Have a lovely holiday!

10 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #294

  1. I think it’s the first gift given by a true lover around this time of year – according to the popular – possibly french – song. Interestingly, if you correctly pronounce the french word for this bird, you hear where he’s perched.

    • OK. On 30 April 2012 you published an almost answer of a very similar looking skull. At that time you confessed that diagnostic features between the various species in this group were hard to find.

      So I am going to stick with my first answer and leave it to better minds than mine in order to figure it out.

      So, these are my two posts for joy (as one would be for sorrow – inappropriate for this season).

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