Friday mystery object #277

This week I have a pretty interesting little skull from the Grant Museum of Zoology for you to try your hand at identifying:


Any ideas what this might be from?

As usual you can leave your answers below – I have a feeling that some of you will find this easy, so please try to be a bit cryptic with your suggestions. Have fun!

19 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #277

  1. the teeth look mammalian to me, but simple and similar in form, and the structure of the jaw attachment and the single occipital condyle make me concur that it is reptilian.
    there is no zygomatic arch and strange protuberances just forward of where the eyes should be are really odd.
    a fossorial lizard?

  2. Small head, undifferentiated but very sharp teeth (recurved), jaw seems to have very strong attachments, tiny brain case…

    It’s either a Tory, or a lizard of some sort….

  3. Is this from the anterior or posterior end of the animal?
    Either way it goes, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have two feet, and I suspect it belongs to the eponymous family of the group, but I’m not sure more specifically than that.

  4. Oh my god I think I know what this is. It’s neither clade of squamates that we’re used to… Species maybe A. a.?

  5. Ha! Sneaky uncommon critter. The occipital condyle and palatine weirdness indicate reptile, but the incomplete orbits? It’s not something I’ve never seen one before – but I remember hearing about them from lab mates that studied Atta…is it a ‘both sided bean’?

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