Friday mystery object #210

This week I have a mystery bone for you to have a go at identifying. Nothing is known about it (although I have some ideas), so all suggestions welcome. Any idea what this is and what it might be from? (Apologies for the poor image quality)


As usual you can put your answers below and I’ll try my best to respond. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #210

  1. It’s a H, obviously.
    The curve makes it look adaptive. Does it maybe not walk on four legs, but maybe swims, or the weight is supported some other way other than on the legs ? The bone looks strong, though, as if it is strong at pulling in a particular way.

    • Good observations – it is indeed an H. The animal it’s from it does walk on all four legs and the bone needs to be strong for a good reason. The curve is adaptive, but maybe not entirely for locomotion…

  2. First of all I apologize for my English is not the best but I will try to make myself understood, I’m Portuguese so I deserve a discount, and still let my congratulations to the blog which is very interesting and educational …
    The mysterious bone in my opinion it is a tortoise humerus also I dare say it might be a young animal.

    • Glad you like the blog! Your English is infinitely better than my Portuguese, many thanks for commenting. Eu acho que é uma tartaruga de terra 😉

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