Friday mystery object #178

This week I have part of a specimen that needs to be reassociated with the rest of its skeleton:


Which skeleton should I be looking for? Put your suggestions below and I’ll do my best to reply. Good luck!

13 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #178

  1. My first thought was bat wing. Then I thought maybe a bird. Both have long, slender bones. But also, both tend to have a humerus shorter than the radius/ulna, which this does not have. On balance, the curved humerus is more bat-like.

  2. I believe you are looking for a small flightless bird, that inhabits antipodean islands. Clues- the bowed humerus, the small size, the odd fusing of the carpals, which may end in a claw.

    • Following your clues I’ve checked one antipodean bird in particular and agree with your identification; quite characteristic now that I’ve seen it, though the morphology was new to me. I saw bird of this genus (a southern brown, I think) feeding on a beach at midnight; not sure which species this is though.

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