Friday mystery object #129

This week’s mystery object is one that seems to perplex a lot of members of the public when they come across it, so I thought it might be a good test of your identification skills:

Any idea what this bone is and what it belonged to? You can put your suggestions, comments and questions below and I’ll try to respond during the day. Good luck!

23 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #129

  1. Reminds me of a bird femur but it’s HUGE! Since it’s so huge it could be a ruminate’s rib but the body is curving the wrong way.

  2. I was wandering what this could be – it’s a bit of a funny bone and my imagination is flying away with me, but I don’t know why many members of the public would come across one if it is what I think it could be. I’m too shy to say – I don’t want to end up with a yellow nose from all that egg on my face.
    Am I close?

  3. Another third bigger than my mute swan so I am wandering about this one too, although I might need to scavenge through some other resource material.

  4. Mmm, after the great pictures on Earthflight on Thursday evening, vultures and pelicans would both be good for size, as well as the bird that Jack and Rachel like. But I like idea of a pan pipes score in the background so I am coming in with Matt.

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