Friday mystery object #102

This week I have a nice little skull for you to identify. Any idea what this is?

As usual, you can put your suggestions, comments and questions below and I will do my best to answer – although it may take me a while as I have a NatSCA meeting for most of the day. Good luck!

19 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #102

  1. Definitely a rodent.But its a big one. Doesn’t look like a beaver, capybara or coypu though. Perhaps a porcupine of some sort?

  2. Let us begin by working this out logically. It’s a rodent. It has four cheek teeth, therefore it is not a myomorph (rats, mice, etc.) The angle of the jaw rules out hystricognaths (guinea pigs, etc.), therefore, by a process of elimination, it is a “squirrel-like” rodent. It is too small to be a beaver, and the wrong shape to be a gopher, ergo, it is, indeed, a squirrel.

    That’s as far as logic will get me, and, obviously there’s lots of squirrels. The zygoma looks reasonably solid for a squirrel, and its obviously one of the larger ones, anyway, which narrows it down. I rather suspect you could go round and round on this one, day after day…

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