Ask away!

Today is Ask a Curator day on Twitter, which opens up the opportunity for a Q&A session with curators from museums around the world. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out – after all, I run this blog as a window into the world of my job as a Natural History curator and I have been involved in the excellent Ask a Biologist since its inception. The idea of engaging the public with what I do is something I have invested significant amounts of my free time to and my employer, the Horniman Museum, has always been supportive of.

I do feel that I have been a bit remiss in these activities over recent months as I’ve been tied up with lots of other things – not least my core work of curating the bone collections in their new store at our off-site Study Collections Centre. However, I hope to be back on track soon, with more regular posts here and more frequent input on Ask a Biologist.

For today, let’s see how Ask a Curator works. Here’s the hashtag to see what other people have been asking museums around the world. If you want to ask a question of someone at the Horniman (including myself and James of Answers in Genius) then click the link below.

Have fun!

Ask a curator at the Horniman

6 thoughts on “Ask away!

  1. I want to ask “why is the TfL planner so ****ing slow?”, but I guess you won’t know. I resorted to a paper map to find out how to get to the Horniman.

    Hmmm, Zone 3 – I thought that was a back-water where tourists never went, fearing locals with strange Esturine English accents.

    • Zone 3 is the place to be! Loads of culture like Horniman and Dulwich Picture Gallery, but very few tourists.

      Easy to get here from Central London, just jump on the Overground (orange line) or get a train from London Bridge to Forest Hill. Busses too – 185 from Victoria or 176 from Trafalgar Square area.

      • Grrl and I were both really impressed with the Horniman. Some of her photos didn’t come out as well as she’d hoped, so we’ll have to come back.

        It was great to meet you too.

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