Friday mystery object #31

Since I am on holiday this week, my mystery object is not from the museum, but from home (albeit from last June). I got a bit of a shock when I pulled shut the bedroom curtains and found this staring back at me:

Body approx. 2cm long

After my initial surprise I took a photo, then  caught it and popped it out of my window – taking care not to get bitten, since this spider has a painful (but harmless) bite.

Any idea what this beautiful beastie might be? Put your suggestions below and I will try to answer any questions when the opportunity arises. Good luck!

10 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #31

  1. Looks like a lace spider – I got nipped by one like this (it was a bit darker in colour though) and panicked so much I looked it up on the web! And yes, it hurt… panic due to having lived for 5 years in Australia!

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