Friday mystery object #6

Once more, it’s that time of the week when I challenge you with one of the objects I work with and ask the question – “What is it?”.

I asked if people would like a change of tack with the mystery object this week, but the only feedback was from Fia, who is happy with the skullduggery. So skullduggery it is again!

Can you tell me what this skull belonged to? It’s from a bit further afield than previous skulls I’ve shown you:


Skull length ~8.5cm

Make your choice below and don’t forget to hit the vote button!

Feel free to leave feedback in the comments section below – I always appreciate your thoughts!

As always, the answer will be posted on Monday.

4 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #6

  1. Porcupine is rodent like, two long central incisors.
    Vampire Bat also has a similar double piercing front teeth, and very thin skull.
    Sea Otter skull is longer.
    The Lemur and Rhesus Monkey are primates, and this doesn’t look like a primate skull (certainly not at Monkey).
    Lynx or Sloth, hmmm. In big cats the lower canines protrude to the front, rather than being nicely tucked behind the upper canines.

    That only leaves one option – but then this surprises me; why the hell do they need such large canines? I thought they just had molars, so this ultimately leaves me unsure.

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