Friday mystery object #235

This week I don’t really have a mystery object, I have a mystery sound for you to identify from the British Library Sound Archive via the Curator of  Wildlife Sounds, Cheryl Tipp.

Any idea what this is?

Patches is listening carefully

Patches is listening carefully

As usual you can put your thoughts in the comments section below. Have fun!

14 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #235

  1. So there’s a small change in pitch in there that sounds more like a humanoid mouth sound than a bird sound. I picture lips pulling back…some kind of marmoset perhaps? Dan Jones said we should just say Tasmanian Devil because it would be too cool if it were true. It is Friday after all…

  2. I would indeed love it to be a Tasmanian Devil. Thank you Daniel Calleri for writing the very first animal I shouted out when we listened to this clip in the office. However, given Paolo’s confirmation regarding it being a theropod, I have to ask if it would be of a Tawny variety?

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