Friday mystery object #162

This Friday I thought I’d share a funky specimen that I had to identify earlier this week. Any idea what this is?

As usual you can put your thoughts below, preferably in a cryptic format so that other people can try their hand at an identification. Good luck!

15 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #162

  1. Is the anterior to the left of the photo and the posterior to the right, as usual… And the upper image is the dorsal view and the lower the ventral? The bone appears largely cartilaginous so I don’t believe the creature is terrestrial. A strikingly beautuful, almost alien looking skull.

  2. I would never be able to identify the species shown in this picture. I’d be lucky to get lower than infraclass! haha. Jake is correct, its definitely the skull from a *i*h. I’m sure its a t*****t *i*h…but thats it. Im out! No idea.

  3. I wonder if it may have wings that are edible to humans, and it enjoys winter sports on frozen lakes. Alternatively, did it have a Gerry Anderson TV series named after it in the 60s?

  4. Is this something I always want to eat morhua of? When eaten are they primarily from the Mare Aquilonis, as our Latin friends might say?

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