Friday mystery object #12

I am still without internet at home, so apologies for slow responses to comments and the lower quality of my recent posts.

This Friday’s mystery object is pretty straight-forward, a simple case of ‘what is it?’


If you think you know what this is just leave a comment below – I will attempt to respond to any questions when (and if) I am able, but I can’t make any guarantees I’m afraid.

Good luck!

Friday mystery object #11

My internet is still down at home, but here’s a Friday Mystery Object anyway!

This time I just want you to work out what group of animals this ribcage comes from:


Here’s a close-up that you might find useful:


Now you don’t need to be an expert to work this out – just work out how this ribcage is similar to the ribcage of other animals and certain features should start standing out to make the answer obvious – a real case of deductive power!

To assist, I will point you in the direction of some useful comparative material and I urge you to consider how function and inheritence both shape bones used in movement.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments section below – I will reply whenever possible. I hope you enjoy the detective work!

Friday mystery object #10 answer

On Friday I presented two mystery objects after a frantic search through the photos on my phone whilst at the SVP conference in Bristol:

Name the source of this leather seat cover

Name the source of this leather seat cover

2009-09-04 10.21.29

 As it is you performed remarkably well, SmallCasserole spotted that the leather was Continue reading

Friday mystery object #10

Currently in my apartment in Bristol frantically searching for a suitable mystery object whilst also trying to plan the talks I want to attend at SVP.

I get the feeling skulls are getting boring for some of you, so perhaps it’s time I introduced an object that isn’t directly related to what I’m doing at work. In the pub yesterday, a natural history curator friend  of mine (David Waterhouse from Norwich Castle Museum) queried the type of leather on the seat of his chair (it’s the kind of thing we do). We think we know, but can you work it out?

Name the source of this leather seat cover

Name the source of this leather seat cover

Not an easy one, particularly without any clues, but I will attempt to answer any questions go help you on your way – just post them below in the comments section.

Good luck! Continue reading

Friday mystery object #9

It’s Friday again, we all know what that means – Mystery Object time!

Last week I gave you a really tricky one, that you managed to work out with some clues. I liked the Q&A format, but unfortunately I am between ISP’s at the moment, so I don’t think I will have the chance to have as much input this week. Instead there is a poll (although comments are always welcome!) and I will return to my favourite objects – skulls.


So, what is this the skull of? Choose an answer from the poll below (don’t forget to hit “vote”): Continue reading