13 thoughts on “ Friday mystery object #356

  1. Anything that weird looking is either a taxidermists joke or comes from Madagascar- you’d need to look in every ‘nouc’ and cranny to identify this weasily overlooked carnivoran.

  2. (dang it! why isn’t there an edit comment function…)
    is that a faint hint of stripes towards the haunches and forelegs, or just a bad hair day?

  3. Thanks to ch, this is easy. In my defence, I was thinking (head on – top pic): sengi, marsupial, or weird carnivoran. Second pic ruled out first two options. ch made clear the genus.

  4. Going by what others have said (and looking at images of members of the family E*****idae to find a match for the improbably fine and pointed snout), I think I know what it is (though I give up on which of the two species).
    It’s something to which Wikipedia attributes “a unique dentition: the canines and premolars are backwards-curving and flat.” Searching “[common name] skull” I found a picture. Truly weird. The anterior premolars are unicuspid hooks. The posterior have at least three cusps and (in side view)made me think of Ichthyoconodon. Leading to the thought: maybe Ichthyoconodon’s recurved cusps were an adaptation to dietary habits similar to this creature’s?

  5. I’d suggest eastern variety: I believe there has only been one picture taken of the rarer western species, that was only recently deemed a species. So on the balance of probability I’d say it is unlikely the Dead Zoo could have a stuffed specimen.

    I will probably be proven wrong, but since we can’t see the auditory bullæ,
    I can’t see a different way to tell.

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