Friday mystery object #146 answer

On Friday I gave you this skull to identify:

As you can see, it’s smaller than the smallest carnivore or ungulate and it lacks the characteristics you would expect from a rodent – for example, although the teeth are not actually visible, there is no sign of rodenty incisors and you can see where there are canines rooted in the maxilla.

This suggests one of the small insectivores, by which I mean something that eats insects, since there is no longer a recognised taxonomic group of that name. But most of the shrews, moles, tenrecs etc. have quite long and narrow skulls, so this doesn’t look right for one of them either.

Jake picked up on the features and commented that it looks a bit like a Hedgehog skull, but is too small even for one of them. After that everyone went batty – by which I mean that David recognised it as a bat, henstridgesj correctly suggested it was in the family Vespertilionidae, and Barbara Powell went straight in with correct species –  Continue reading